ICYMI, 458+ Likely Fraudulent Votes in New Hampshire 2016 Election

The Democrat New Hampshire Secretary of State is verifying voters who registered at the polls on Election Day last November, and so far his review has turned up 458 votes with a high likelihood of being fraudulent (emphasis ours):

New numbers from New Hampshire’s Secretary of State’s office indicate that 458 people who voted here on Election Day may have possibility committed voter fraud. . . . According to data released earlier this year from the Secretary of State’s office following apublic records request from NHPR, 5,903 first time New Hampshire voters who registered on Election Day last November used an out-of-state license as their form of identification. That’s 0.78% of all people who voted in the election.

Yes, people with out-of-state licenses can show up and vote on Election Day in New Hampshire. . . . But to vote with an out-of-state license, you need to prove you hold domicile in the state. Showing a utility bill, a lease or a pay stub, can work to prove you actually live in New Hampshire. . . . Voters without any proof that they live New Hampshire are allowed to cast their ballot, but they have to sign a legal document confirming they’re telling the truth about where they live. Signing that document opens them up to the possibility of prosecution if it’s proven they lied. 

Within 90 days after the election, the Secretary of State’s office mails letters to those people signing those affidavits. According to documents provided to NH1 News this week by the Secretary of State’s office, 6,033 letters were sent to people who voted in New Hampshire last November without proof of domicile. As highlighted earlier, 458 of those letters came back undeliverable. Many of the names of those people will be sent to the state Department of Justice for investigation and possible prosecution. . . . 

The Secretary of State’s office also sent out 764 letters following this past November’s election to voters who cast a ballot without a satisfactory photo identification. The is no information yet on how many of those letters were returned undeliverable.

There may be many more truly out-of-state voters who voted last fall in New Hampshire, in addition to the number of follow-up postcards sent to voters without photo ID that are returned as undeliverable.  Fortunately, the New Hampshire legislature is working on a bill to plug the hole in New Hampshire's laws that allow out-of-state voters to vote so easily, and with a Republican governor now in the Granite State, it likely won't be vetoed as similar measures have been in the past.

President Trump claimed that he and former Senator Kelly Ayotte lost the November 2016 election in New Hampshire due to fraud, earning an official letter requesting evidence from FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.  This is likely just the start of the evidence that will continue to accumulate as New Hampshire election and Department of Justice officials investigate voters who lacked proper documentation in the 2016 election.