ICYMI: Law Being Ignored in Post-Election Cases in Wisconsin

An article a few weeks back by the MacIver Institute gives some alarming numbers on Same Day Registration in Wisconsin.  While the article focuses on potential vote fraud, more alarming may be how local authorities ignore the law. 

Even though 3,871 voters across the state couldn’t be verified, only 954 were referred to the local district attorneys. According to state officials, all of them should have been referred, because that’s the law.

“If the postcard comes back to the municipal clerk as undeliverable, the clerk shall remove the voter from the eligible list and provide the voter’s name to the district attorney’s office,” said state Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney.. . .

But a staggering 316 municipalities flouted that law, deactivating more registrations than they referred to their DAs, potentially opening the door to thousands of cases of illegal voting.

This is a problem.  Essentially it means if you fraudulent register and vote in Wisconsin and are caught, your name will be removed from the Voter Registration list and nothing else.  Your vote will still count and in Same Day Registration Wisconsin, you can register again the next election to start the process over.