ICYMI: Leader McConnell on Kavanaugh's Credentials and Democrats' Attacks

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote an excellent op-ed last week on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Democratic obstruction of the confirmation process, and liberals' fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the courts.  He describes Judge Kavanaugh's sterling credentials and strong judicial record:

Judge Kavanaugh possesses the qualities and qualifications that the American people deserve in a Supreme Court justice. He has outstanding academic credentials, with undergraduate and law degrees from Yale, and over a decade of experience on the nation’s most consequential federal appellate court, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. He possesses an exceptional legal mind and an even-handed temperament. And his record reflects a clear understanding of a judge’s role in our republic: Not to make policy or impose personal preferences, but to begin with the facts of each case and interpret our laws as they’re written. 

He also recounts the left's "unhinged attacks" on Judge Kavanaugh, saying that the American people will not be fooled: 

It would be too optimistic to suggest Judge Kavanaugh’s experience, reputation, education and virtues will earn him a fair hearing from the far left. Extreme voices have tried the same partisan playbook against Republican presidents’ Supreme Court nominees for more than 40 years. In 1975, they insisted that John Paul Stevens lacked impartiality and opposed women’s rights. In 1987, they called then-Judge Anthony Kennedy "sexist" and "a disaster for women." In 1990, they said that a Justice David Souter might "undo the advances made by women, minorities, dissenters, and other disadvantaged groups." . . . But fact-checkers are already exposing the egregious misrepresentations of Judge Kavanaugh’s record. And the far left failed the laugh test from the very beginning by spinning apocalyptic predictions about this nomination before it even existed. . . .

And Leader McConnell skillfully explains how the left's apoplexy over Judge Kavanaugh's respect for the rule of law is fueled by their desire to use the courts to achieve their progressive policy goals that would not be able to be passed by the people's representatives in the legislature because they are too radical: 

This is antithetical to the design of our democracy. The rule of law requires a sharp distinction between judicial and political offices. We need unbiased and open-minded judges who treat all parties fairly, whose decisions turn on the facts of each case and the texts of the laws that it is their job to interpret.  
That’s the kind of judge the American people deserve. It’s the kind of judge they expected to receive after then-candidate Donald Trump put forward the transparent process he’d use to select Supreme Court nominees. And it’s precisely who Judge Kavanaugh’s record demonstrates that he is.

Thanks to the leadership of Leader McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, Judge Kavanaugh will receive a hearing and consideration before the Senate, despite the Democrats' scare and delay tactics and the fact-less attacks by radically liberal organizations.  Judge Kavanaugh is the example of the type of judge that should sit throughout our judicial system and the type of judge that President Trump has appointed: one who respects the limited role of the courts in our system of the separation of powers and who decides cases based on the law and the facts, not on the basis of preferred policy outcomes.