ICYMI: NY Punishes GOP Election Official For Democrat Errors

It seems like anything goes in New York elections.  New York City's election on April 19 was an election administration disaster with massive problems reported in Democrat precincts.  So how did New York Board of Elections deal with the problem?  (emphasis ours.)

The city’s Board of Elections suspended the top official at its Brooklyn office without pay as they probe the mysterious purge of more than 120,000 Democratic voters from the borough rolls that wreaked havoc on Tuesday presidential primaries.


The solo suspension of Diane Haslett-Rudiano from her $125,000-a-year post over widespread polling problems is raising eyebrows that extend beyond party lines.


Democrat Betty Ann Canizio, the BOE Deputy Clerk for Brooklyn, is the official primarily responsible for overseeing the borough’s Democratic voting rolls while Haslett-Rudiano, a Republican, oversees her party’s rolls, sources said.


“It sounds like they cut a deal to make the Republican the scapegoat and protect Betty Ann,” said an elected Brooklyn official who’s a Democrat.


So a Democrat official makes massive errors in the Democrat primary resulting in disenfranchisement and a Republican official is being suspended.  At least she is not being referred to the District Attorney for prosecution as were the Police Officers who uncovered massive and systematic problems with New York’s voting system:


In fact, the Board thinks investigators who were allowed to cast ballots even though they posed as deceased people and felons should themselves be investigated.


The BOE voted to ask the city’s district attorneys to examine whether the Department of Investigation violated laws in its exhaustive inquiry.


New York remains one of the most corrupt election authorities in the country.