ICYMI: What Happens When You Have a Voter Integrity Task Force

On May 8, the Belleville, Illinois News Democrat reported:

A newly-elected Alorton trustee and a Cahokia man were charged Friday afternoon with four counts of vote fraud stemming from the April 7 election.

This was uncovered because of the work of the Sheriff and the “Voter Integrity Task Force of the County Clerk.”  This is unusual and something the left very much opposes.  Yet is it is working:

“The voter integrity hotline we established continues to be working. It is generating very intense oversight from federal state and local law enforcement,” County Clerk Tom Holbrook said.

“In America, we have free and open elections. I believe in that. I believe in the Constitution,” Sheriff Rick Watson said. “If you want to insult a veteran, cheat in an election — the very thing they fought for.”

This case makes seven vote fraud charges filed by Kelly since 2012:


Kudos to those in Illinois for working to stop vote fraud and to Sheriff Watson for speaking so eloquently on the matter.  We have no doubt much more vote fraud would be uncovered if more task forces were formed.