Is Automatic Voter Registration for Potential Fraud Not Turnout?

In 2016, the Maryland legislature will consider the disastrous system of automatic voter registration

Maryland Democrats plan to propose legislation next year that would automatically place eligible residents on state voter rolls, . . .  the speaker is “very supportive” of automatic registration, and an aide to Miller said the senator thinks lawmakers should seriously consider any measures that increase the number of eligible voters who are registered.

Note Democrat Senate President Mike Miller is NOT arguing that it will increase voting.  It will increase the opportunity for fraud

Joe Cluster, executive director of the Maryland Republican Party, said automatic registration would make elections more vulnerable to fraud by signing up people who do not plan to vote or are not motivated to do so.

Knowing someone will not vote makes it easy to fraudulent “vote” them.  As the words of Miller’s aides confirms this is not about increasing turnout but rather as Cluster says an opportunity to increase fraud.