Is Holder's Voter ID War also a War Against the South?

In another voter ID story being ignored by the left, a District Court judge threw out the latest attack on Voter ID by the far left in Tennessee in strong terms:

Plaintiff’s allegations of Tennessee’s lack of empirical evidence of in-person fraud or that requiring photo identification will reduce it are irrelevant. (See id . at 196) (“while the most effective method of preventing voter fraud may well  be debatable, the propriety of doing so is perfectly clear.”))


However, as Christian Adams points out the debate on the far left including the Holder Justice Department is not on how to prevent vote fraud but whether every southerner is a Jim Crow racist.


This is bad news for Eric Holder and the plaintiffs challenging North Carolina voter ID.


Not to be deterred, however, Holder’s leftist lawyers have cooked up a fall-back plan. In North Carolina they are arguing what they already argued and lost in Texas and South Carolina – that the lack of “widespread” voter fraud means that the voter ID law must be a racially motivated legislative plot to harm minorities.


If you didn’t catch that, it goes like this.


Since legislators in Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina could not point to “widespread” voter impersonation, racism must be the real reason behind passing voter ID.


The argument openly made in court reveals the rancid paranoia about Southerners by Voting Section lawyers. No surprise there given the backgrounds of the lawyers involved.



I would also add it is ironic given that it was southern Democrats who created the Jim Crow laws not Republicans.  Further, the far left in defining voter ID as only stopping voter impersonation (although police in New York proved that was very easy) is missing so many other things that Voter ID stops such as double voting or non-resident voting.