It Is a Big Day in Presidential Politics - Be Watchful for Vote Fraud

It’s a big day in the presidential primary with huge states like Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, and Florida on the line. With the stakes being as high as they are, it is really difficult not to be concerned about vote fraud. Glenn McCoy noted that this is especially true in areas that have a significant history with the issue like St. Clair County, Illinois:

Kelly has charged 10 vote fraud cases since 2012, with four convictions and the rest pending. He is pursuing these cases and asking for the public’s help. 
Vote fraud robs democracy, so reporting the thiefs [sic] is an act of patriotism. Curbing the practices requires more voters to decide they will back a candidate based on beliefs rather than who slips them $5 or $10. 
But for those whose altruism isn’t developed enough to keep our elections honest, prosecution seems like a good alternative.

And that is the reality we all face. Prosecution is required to protect our elections from fraud. As the author continues, it becomes clear that voter ID laws are having the desired effect at the ballot box, ensuring election integrity. However, those committing the fraud are beginning to strike earlier and earlier and finding new ways to game the system, thereby robbing law abiding citizens of their right to vote. The risks to our elections have never been higher, and elections must be protected.