It's "Confirmed": Liberals and Allies Will Never Stop Defaming Clarence Thomas

It is an ongoing tragedy that the left continues to promote a false narrative about Clarence Thomas and his confirmation from all those years ago.  The most recent example is the HBO movie Confirmation.  The extremes the left will go to are so ridiculous that they are even making a hero out of women who was fired for using a “homophobic slur.”  Some details on the “movie’s other woman,” Angela Wright:

Wright's credibility problems began with her checkered job history. She had been fired from her first job in Washington — working for Democratic Congressman Charlie Rose — after she "walked off the job because [she] got angry." After a short stint at the Republican National Committee, where she also chalked up a questionable performance record, Wright went to work as a political appointee in the State Department's Agency for International Development (USAID). She again performed poorly. When her supervisor, Kate Semerad, told her that she would be fired if her work did not improve, Wright resigned and made baseless racism allegations against Semerad.

When Semerad later went before the Senate to be confirmed for a senior administration position, Wright made an attempt at revenge. She took her old allegations to the committee considering Semerad's nomination. The committee launched an inquiry but ultimately rejected the allegations as unfounded and then confirmed Semerad in her new post. Wright then moved to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under then-chairman Clarence Thomas, where she spent only one year, turning in another spotty performance record before being summarily dismissed by Thomas for referring to a colleague as a "faggot."

. . . Jay Morris, Kate Semerad's former boss at USAID, made a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing similar concerns about Wright's vindictiveness: "I am struck by the startling parallels between what Mrs. Wright did [to Semerad] and what she is doing now. She vowed vengeance on a former supervisor for dismissal on the basis of incompetence. ... The entire process suggested a last-ditch attempt to stop the advancement of someone she resented."

That the producers of "Confirmation" would lionize a woman who was fired for making a homophobic slur is troubling, and shows you what Hollywood will do when it values sensation over truth.

Of course the lionization of Wright in the movie is just one of the many problems, especially those involving its star character, Anita Hill played by Kerry Washington.  Mollie Hemingway details more of the issues in her article that is well worth reading.  A few highlights:

The movie ignored how dramatically Hill’s testimony changed over the course of Thomas’ confirmation hearings, as well as her claim that FBI agents had told her that was okay. The FBI agents said they never told her that.

It didn’t mention that Hill claimed she followed Thomas from one job to another because she feared losing her job. In fact, she was a career employee in the federal government, known to her to be an incredibly secure job.

The movie suggests that the many phone calls she made to Thomas over the years after they ceased being colleagues were just professional, despite evidence, such as a note from a secretary recounting Hill’s purpose in calling as, “Just called to say hello. Sorry she didn’t get to see you last week.”

Hemingway's conclusion is spot on:

The media and progressives never hid their belief that Thomas, a black man with views they don’t think black men should be allowed to have, is dangerous. Whether they even believed Hill’s claims is uncertain. What is certain is that they have used those discredited claims in their campaign to defame the man. It would simply be sad if it weren’t so damaging.

Liberals and their media allies will go to any length to attack Clarence Thomas; Confirmation is just the latest sad example.