Left Attacks Don McGahn to "Settle Old Political Scores"

One of the most popular targets of attack in the Trump administration for the media, Democrats, and other liberals is White House Counsel Don McGahn.  As RNLA Vice President for Election Education David Warrington wrote last week:

Liberal media’s long knives are out for individual White House staffers, because in the spirit of Saul Alinsky, liberal objectives justify cutting individuals personally and driving them from the arena. In the last two weeks it’s been White House counsel Don McGahn’s turn at the cutting table. . . .

He restored due process for American citizens who appear before a federal agency run amok — the FEC. . . . Fortunately, McGahn restored agency functions to conform to the agency’s statutory mandate. Contrary to the impression in the hit pieces, it was McGahn who respected and enforced the law and democratic accountability to make presidentially appointed and Senate-confirmed officials responsible for agency actions. 

Of course, for liberals who believe in investing governmental power in unelected liberal bureaucrats — and they are indeed reliable to pursue liberal objectives with the power of government in their hands — McGahn defeated the kind of unaccountable agency power they desire. . . .  

Thus all of the manufactured worrying over McGahn’s role as White House counsel is misplaced.  

After the immense respect for individual rights, the rule of law, and due process that he demonstrated at the FEC, Americans should be reassured that Mr. McGahn is advising President Trump on legal matters.  

Mr. McGahn and the White House Counsel's office have an important role advising President Trump, and there are many talented, experienced lawyers working with Mr. McGahn in the Counsel's office, including former RNLA Board of Governors member Stefan Passantino: President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to the Office of the White House Counsel.

As the Trump administration continues to introduce and implement its policy initiatives, Mr. McGahn will increasingly be in the media crosshairs for giving sound legal advice to President Trump.  Thank you, Don McGahn, for serving the President and our nation.