Left's Attacks on Trump Administration Include Pence's Wife

In their continuing effort to defend Hillary Clinton and attack the Trump administration, liberals are now equating then-Governor Pence's legal use of a private email address to then-Secretary Clinton's illegal use of a private server to house classified information.  For a thorough explanation of why the two are not remotely equivalent, legally or morally,read this article by David French.  

As part of AP's story on that issue, it published not only the AOL address used by then-Governor Pence but also Mrs. Karen Pence's personal email address that she currently uses.  The Vice President's staff contacted the AP to remove the Second Lady's email address, but they refused.  Former RNLA member and Counsel to the Vice President Mark Paoletta sent a strongly worded letter to the AP: 

I am writing to express grave concerns about the Associated Press recklessly and irresponsibly publishing the private e-mail address of Mrs. Karen Pence in an article dated March 3, 2017.  The publication of Mrs. Pence's active private email address to millions of your readers has subjected her to vitriolic and malicious emails and raised serious security concerns.  There was absolutely no reason to publish this private email address, and you should be ashamed of your reprehensible conduct.

When the Vice President's Press Secretary learned of the publication, he called the reporter only to learn that the reporter seemed surprised the account was still active.  The Associated Press should have done a proper inquiry into the status of Mrs. Pence's personal e-mail account before publishing it.  I am unaware of the press publishing the private email account of any previous Second Lady, who is not, as you are well aware, an elected official. . . . 

Your organization should apologize to Mrs. Pence for violating her privacy, and the Associated Press should observe the basic tenets of fairness, decency, and journalistic integrity in covering the Vice President, Mrs. Pence and their family in the future.

After the publicity generated by Vice President Pence's tweet of the letter, the AP has removed the email address from subsequent stories but "stands by" the original story.  Whatever the liberals in the media think of President Trump, the personal attacks on those affiliated with his administration, even if not elected or appointed by the President, have to stop.