The Left's War on Free Speech and Our Institutions

This Friday at 2:00 p.m. ET, RNLA will host a webinar titled, "The Left's War on Free Speech and the Legitimacy of Our Institutions." The past few weeks have shown that the Left is launching a full-throated assault on the First Amendment rights of Americans. Last week, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of the "Disinformation Governance Board" within the Department of Homeland Security. 

As the Institute for Free Speech's Luke Wachob explained, the head of the board, Nina Jankowicz, has a history of spreading misinformation on everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Hunter Biden laptop story:

When she wasn’t singing Mary Poppins tunes about misinformation on TikTok, she was complaining on Twitter that Americans are too “free spirited” to follow COVID safety protocols and cheering for the government to “lock us down!” She never criticized and appears to have supported what happened to the Post, telling reporters they should view coverage of the laptop “as a Trump campaign product” and sharing an article she described as “casting yet more doubt on the provenance the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story.”

Sniffing out the false claims of your political opponents is, frankly, not very hard. It’s having a nose for “disinformation” that appeals to your biases that might actually impress. On that score, there’s no evidence Jankowicz has any impressive skill.

Her selection is all the more stunning because the government knows this stuff makes people uneasy. It isn’t blind to the comparisons to Orwell’s Ministry of Truth when it tries to combat ‘disinformation.’

Additionally, the Left is pushing legislation, such as the DISCLOSE Act, that would severely hamper the political activities of tax-exempt entities and chill the speech of their donors. At a hearing earlier this week, Republican Senator John Thune explained why this is so dangerous.

The Institute for Free Speech's Chairman and Founder, Brad Smith, added history on how the IRS has been used in the past to target political opposition.

The Left's attacks are not just limited to our speech rights. The Left is also giving their all to undermine and destroy some of our greatest institutions, like the Supreme Court.

RNLA Chair Harmeet Dhillon wrote earlier this week:

As we see the angry mobs of militant pro-abortionists thronging the barriers erected hastily around the court within hours of the leak’s news, we must remember what is at risk, and who gains, by the shocking betrayal of the court’s inner workings. The abortion industry is highly lucrative and well-entrenched. Regular contributions from Planned Parenthood and its allies ensure that when they call, Democrat politicians listen. Within minutes of the leak, Democrat activists leapt on the news of the draft to pump out talking points about the midterm elections, revive calls for court-packing, and ghoulishly calling for the destruction of the Supreme Court as we know it. The draft opinion’s leaks seems almost timed to affect a wave of primary midterm elections taking place throughout the nation in coming weeks.

So, it is no wonder that an activist leaker did the unthinkable and gave a draft of the Dobbs decision to Politico to publish. That one act of betrayal, which is being hailed, predictably, as "heroic" by abortion partisans, was designed to exert extreme pressure on the justices prepared to vote to end the sham of Roe and Casey and return the abortion debate to the states, where it belongs. So afraid these partisans of the votes of the people, apparently, that they are willing to cripple the hallowed Supreme Court—the very institution that gave them Roe!—to save their sacred cow.

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