Legendary Partisan Democrat Election Official Brenda Snipes Confirms Vote Fraud

Democrat Broward County, Florida, Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes made a startling confession in a suit brought by the American Civil Rights Union:

Snipes acknowledged the processes her office have been using aren’t perfect and that some non-citizens and felons have voted despite not being eligible — especially right before major elections when groups are actively registering new voters.

This statement should help put to bed the argument that vote fraud is a myth.  A number of important things to note from this:

  1. Despite her statement that “non-citizens and felons have voted” there have been zero prosecutions.  It is important to note again that prosecutions are not the proper way to judge vote fraud It also calls attention to the fact that a major election official knew that fraud had occurred but made no effort to report it.
  2. Democrat and liberal groups do massive voter registration drives to make vote fraud easier.  As Snipes says, fraud happens “especially right before major elections when groups are actively registering new voters.”  This shows that the efforts of registration groups are in part aimed at flooding election officials with registrations to make it easier for fraudulent registrations to be entered.
  3. “Major Elections.”  Often when we do hear stories on vote fraud, it is in local elections or Democrat primaries. The latter is often because bitter Democrat election losers are willing to expose the antics of fellow Democrats in these situations.  Snipes' statement makes clear this fraud is happen before major elections such as Presidential elections and that Democrats or their liberal allies are participating in an organized effort for illegal votes. 
  4. Non-citizens and felons, as a group, vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  These illegal votes benefit Democrats and disenfranchise other voters, be they Green, Libertarian or Republican. 

Kudos to the American Civil Rights Union for bringing this serious matter to the public's attention.