RNLA Webinar: Lawyers for Trump Campaign Kick-Off!

Briefing from the Donald J. Trump Campaign &
Lawyers for Trump 

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Friday, July 31
2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The RNLA will host a special briefing by the Trump campaign with Communications Director Tim Murtaugh and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who serves as national co-chair of the Lawyers for Trump Coalitionn.

Tune in for a behind-the-scenes update on the campaign and 2020 election.

This webinar will address how lawyers and law students can uniquely help the campaign ensure open, fair, and honest elections through the Lawyers for Trump coalition.  There will also be time for members to ask questions.  


Ready to join the Lawyers for Trump volunteer coalition?
Sign up at lawyers.donaldjtrump.com

Lawyers for Trump will mobilize support for President Trump to secure four more years of strong leadership that will uphold our nation’s constitution and preserve a government of, by, and for the people. 

President Trump has safeguarded our individual, God-given freedoms, restored confidence in the rule of law and reshaped the federal judiciary for decades to come. Under the Trump administration, two Supreme Court Justices and a historic number of federal judges have been appointed for life and will interpret the constitution as written. During a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, we will make the case to Keep America Great!

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Supporters can join the Lawyers for Trump Coalition by texting JUSTICE to 88022 or visiting lawyers.donaldjtrump.com


(This call is off the record and closed to the press. By dialing in to this call, you agree not to audio record the speakers at any time and not to share any portion of their remarks on social media or by any other mechanism. The RNLA periodically passes along information we believe would be of interest to our members and friends. The organization described is not sponsored or endorsed by the RNLA. The RNLA seeks to promote open, fair and honest elections at all levels of American society in a non-discriminatory manner and to provide access to the polls to all qualified and eligible voters. This event is not a fundraiser. RNLA provides opportunities for its members to meet and hear from Republican and conservative leaders.)

July 31, 2020 at 2:00pm - 2:30pm