Liberal African Americans' Support Voter ID in New Poll

Despite the hyperbole and race-baiting of the left, voter ID is popular and always polls well.  You have to have an ID for so many basic things, it strains all common sense that a law requiring ID to vote and providing a free ID is somehow racist. 

A new poll shows that liberal African American supporters of President Obama also support voter ID.


The poll of more than 1,000 registered voters found wide black support – 86 percent – for President Barack Obama. But a slight majority of those blacks surveyed  - 51 percent – also supported state-level voter ID laws Obama claims are an attack on blacks.


This is incredible considering the constant drum beat of those on the far left such as MSNBC and Obama Administration officials like Eric Holder who have been calling voter ID racist basically non-stop for three years.  While the group who commissioned the poll was a conservative African American group, the people who responded were not:


On other issues, surveyed blacks overwhelmingly sided with Obama on his controversial handling of the economy at 89 percent and Obamacare at 83 percent, making this break with him on the issue of voter ID all the more noteworthy.



Voter ID is an important tool to stop fraud and the majority of all Americans in virtually any statistically significant category agree.