Liberal Law Professor Points Out Democrats Won't Criticize Fellow Democrat Hillary

Yesterday we wrote about the Clinton Foundation and State Department's efforts to fight against disclosing the connections between Hillary’s top aides and the Foundation donors.  While most Democrats remain silent, even a Bill Clinton appointed judge wants to know more and is sick of the games:

In the requests, Citizens United sought records from State of correspondence between Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills or Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin and personnel at the Clinton Foundation, as well as communications between Abedin and officials of consulting firm Teneo. One request also asked for records of contacts between former State Department official Kris Balderston and Teneo founder Doug Band.

. . . In a written order filed after the hearing, Sullivan gave State until September 21 to explain what it was withholding and why. The judge set legal arguments over the search and any withheld records for December 16."Here's the deal: I'm not going to extend the time," the judge said. "[Your] motions for extensions? Keep them in the word processor."

Clinton defenders will no doubt point out that Citizens United is a long time Clinton antagonist.  They will ignore the fact that even a Clinton appointed Judge is fed up with the games.  Since it is May of 2015, a few liberals feel safe in pointing out the hypocrisy of Democrats and most liberals on this issue.  Far left Professor Larry Lessig wrote:

Welcome to Wonderland: Were the alleged influencers the Koch brothers, with the same kind of pattern charged against them -- their channeling support to Republican representatives, those representatives in turn acting in a way that reflected the desires of the Kochs -- there would be no doubt that Democrats would rally to attack that influence as Exhibit No. 1 in the case against the corruption of Washington. But apparently now those loyal to the Democratic presidential front-runner will have to be more careful in their criticism.

Lessig has unknowingly uncovered a truth of the Democrat left.  The most important point to these Democrats is not the breaking of the law or the ethics of the action but rather the Party the alleged lawbreaker represents.  Further this is 2015 and far from the election. If Hillary is the Democrat nominee and these issues are not resolved, in 2016 will any liberals or Democrats stand up?  Hopefully, the truth comes out before that.