Democrat Mask Hypocrisy Hits a Peak in Virginia

On Monday, Democrat candidate for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams nearly broke the internet when pictures of her sans mask in a room full of masked students went viral. Despite her trying to claim that she briefly took her mask off for a single picture, the evidence proves otherwise.

The incident with Abrams feels like a tipping point with masks in schools. In the days following, several blue states have announced that they will be lifting their school mask mandates in the coming weeks.

Americans are tired of the open displays of hypocrisy by Democrat politicians on the mask issue.

However, some Democrats in Virginia haven't learned that lesson.

On Monday, the Virginia Supreme Court dismissed a case brought by a local school board challenging Governor Glenn Youngkin's executive order implementing mask choice in Virginia's public schools.

The Virginia Assembly is now expected to pass legislation codifying the Governor's order. Yesterday, the bill cleared a procedural motion with several Democrats in support. Interestingly, seven of those Democrats changed their votes for final passage of the bill by the chamber less than 24 hours later.

Oops. I guess these senators wanted to get on the record voting against mandates for show. Or maybe they wanted it both ways like the worst pandering politicians but got caught by their own rule change. While the bill in its current form would not take effect until the end of the school year, a procedural rule change made by Democrats during the Ralph Northam Administration will make it simple for the bill to be implemented immediately.

(Democrats in the U.S. Senate could learn a thing or two from this situation when it comes to changing the filibuster rules.)

The masking in schools issue is peak Democrat hypocrisy. Now that they are at risk of losing their majorities in Congress and control in state governments across the country, common sense suddenly seems to win.