McAuliffe Has a Long History of Denying the Legitimacy of Elections

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has spent decades undermining confidence in the U.S. electoral system. As DNC Chair in the early 2000's, he suggested that the 2000 election was stolen and insinuated that the U.S. Supreme Court tampered with the results.

After the 2004 election, McAuliffee suggested that it was stolen too!

As recent as 2017, McAuliffe was still peddling these falsehoods.

Even this past June, McAuliffe failed to respond to questions from Fox News about whether he believed the elections of George W. Bush were legitimate. 

After the 2016 election, McAuliffe joined other prominent Democrats in pushing a conspiracy that Russia interfered with the election of Donald Trump:

Hillary Clinton, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, have all stoked speculation that American insiders may have helped the Russians orchestrate their wide-ranging hacking and disinformation campaign — including with guidance on which political targets to exploit and what kinds of leaked information would most resonate with swing voters. The Democrats got backup from former FBI Director James Comey, who told lawmakers in June he was sure law enforcement would work to determine “if any Americans were part of helping the Russians.”

This is unsurprising considering who McAuliffe associates himself with, like fellow election results denier Stacey Abrams:

McAuliffe has also sent at least five fundraising emails written by failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Abrams has refused to call Republican governor Brian Kemp "legitimate" and said as recently as April 2021 that the election was "stolen from the voters of Georgia."

McAuliffe has denied the legitimacy of every GOP president this century.

This careless rhetoric is dangerous and undermines confidence in the U.S. election system at a time when confidence is at an all-time low.