McConnell’s Win and Reid’s Loss

Under the leadership of Harry Reid the last few years, the Senate accomplished little and stifled almost all debate. Reid held minority opinions hostage, even when that opinion included members of his own caucus.  He even broke the Senate rules to change the rules just to give Senators in the minority less power by instituting the Nuclear Option. 

But thanks to the leadership of Senator Mitch McConnell and the new Republican majority, the Senate is a different institution today.  The Senate is actually having debates and amendments to bills by its members. 


However, Senator Reid is not done trying to screw up the Senate.  After a Human Trafficking bill passed a Senate committee unanimously and in a bipartisan fashion, Reid held up the bill because he did not like a small provision of the language. 


Reid stopped the bill.  In response, Senator McConnell refused to schedule a vote on Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General until the unanimously agreed on in committee bill on Human Trafficking went forward.  Democrats, led by Reid and Dick Durbin of Illinois even cried racism for the Republicans desire to have a vote to stop human trafficking first. 


Reid’s plan backfired on many levels thanks to McConnell’s leadership. 


First off, Senator McConnell with the power of the majority never wavered and the Human Trafficking bill was passed. 


Second, Loretta Lynch went from a sure thing to in doubt as time went on.  With more time to look at her record and her failure to distant herself from the most partisan Attorney General in recent memory, Lynch’s confirmation was much closer than originally expected with 43 votes in the end against her. 


Senator Reid’s antics accomplished nothing to stop the Human Trafficking bill but did hurt Obama’s choice for Attorney General.


Thank you to Senator McConnell for standing up and defeating Harry Reid.  Hopefully Senator Reid learned something but we doubt it.  We look forward to Senator McConnell continuing to lead an effective Senate.