More Liberal Voter Suppression: This Time Military Voters

The liberal Center for American Progress has issued studies and claimed to be against voter suppression.  Yet, they have remained silent about the real voter suppression occurring in Philadelphia and now, even worse, they are actively advocating suppression of the military vote. 

The left-wing public policy group [Center for American Progress] issued a report Monday, “Election Security in All 50 States,” that called for stricter standards to prevent cybermeddling in elections by foreign governments, including banning military stationed abroad from submitting ballots via email or fax.

One state that allows such vote casting is Colorado. The center called on the state to “prohibit voters stationed or living overseas from returning voted ballots electronically.”

As Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams responded:

But Williams believes the Center for American Progress was wrong to ding Colorado for allowing voters who are stationed or live overseas to return their ballots electronically via email or fax.

“They don’t believe someone who works on a submarine should be allowed to vote,” Williams said. “We do.”

The report states: “Colorado should prohibit voters stationed or living overseas from returning voted ballots electronically. Regardless of the state’s secure ballot return system for electronically voted ballots, we recommend that all voted ballots be returned by mail or delivered in person.”

That’s not always possible, Williams said, and noted that Colorado has added safeguards for sending and receiving those ballots.

Colorado ranks second in the nation in the number of ballots transmitted to overseas voters based on its voting eligible population.

Just as Center for American Progress ignores voter suppression of non-Democrat voters in Philadelphia such as Green, Independent, and Republicans because it favors Democrats, it seems the reason for the attack on military voters is because they lean Republican:

 Conservatives were quick to blast the report’s recommendation as unworkable and politically motivated.

“You can bet that if the military historically voted Democrat instead of Republican, the Center for American Progress would not have a problem with it,” Peak said in a Monday post.

Voter suppression should be opposed by all regardless of party.  Whether it is intercity Green Party voters or our overseas military that is suppressed, no group should ignore or support voter suppression.  Shame on the Center for American Progress.