More Proof of Noncitizen Vote Fraud and Why it Matters

That Obamacare was passed on the fraudulent  election of Franken or that voter fraud matters, can no longer be seriously debated.   One of the key areas of vote fraud in the Franken "election" was illegal non-citizen voting.   Hans Von Spakovsky writes how that problem of non-citizen voting is continuing

In 2013, McLaughlin, a Republican pollster, conducted an extensive “National Hispanic Survey” to determine the attitudes of Hispanic Americans on immigration issues. McLaughlin went to a great deal of trouble to try to make this survey as accurate as possible, including conducting 60 percent of the interviews in Spanish. . . .

But buried in the back of the survey on page 68 is a “Voter Profile” that reveals that 13 percent of noncitizen respondents admitted they were registered to vote (a violation of state and federal law), which matches closely the Old Dominion/George Mason study finding that 14.8 percent of noncitizens admitted they were registered to vote in 2008 and 15.6 percent of noncitizens admitted they were registered in 2010.

These fraudulent votes are so impactful because they overwhelming vote for Democrats, a low estimate being 80%.  

Obamacare was passed because of vote fraud.  If we don't stop non-citizen voting how will the country's history next be changed by vote fraud?