More Vote Fraud in the Home of Vote Fraud Deniers the Brennan Center

While some New York based groups such as the Brennan Center are busy trying to deny vote fraud nationally, there is so much vote fraud in New York that it is hard to keep track of it.  In this election cycle, we have seen corrupt election officials, attacks on police officers for trying to stop vote fraud, voter impersonation schemes, busing in live voters to vote for the dead, voters from other countries, and much more. 

However, once again New York proves that there is an unlimited amount of hubris when it comes to vote fraud.  For currently the Bronx District Attorney is looking into vote fraud allegations in a race to fill an assembly member who had to resign because of, you guessed it, vote fraud.


The Bronx DA is investigating claims of voter fraud in a hotly contested Democratic primary for the Assembly that was decided by two votes.


. . .Ironically, Pichardo, by winning a special election, succeeded Assemblyman Nelson Castro, who was nailed for election fraud after nine voters were discovered registered at his one-bedroom apartment.



The New York ironies continues with the Brennan Center’s denials of vote fraud.  I would like to suggest that leading vote fraud deniers the Brennan Center move their location to another state.  It is really hurting their argument that vote fraud does not exist when it is continually happening in their own neighborhood.