NH Governor Overrules Democrat Secretary State Efforts to Prevent Vote Fraud

Democrat New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed a bill that would require a 30-day waiting period to vote claiming the bill “places unreasonable restrictions upon all New Hampshire citizens’ right to vote in this state…”

Also the bill would redefine domicile to a person’s primary residence or abode in a state where people could vote in an election although they may be simply visit for a short time and intend to move. Even political campaign workers or consultants could vote in New Hampshire under the current laws.

Requiring voters to be in the state for 30 days before voting would have prevented this type of voting that goes against the spirit of the law. Democrat Secretary of State Bill Gardner supported this bill. Gardner knows that every New Hampshire vote counts. He stated:

We had three ties in the last election cycle, one in the primary and two in the general election, and we had six other recounts that were in the single digits.

Gardner also emphasizes that in order to vote in New Hampshire, “…working on political campaigns is not sufficient evidence.”

Other Republican lawmakers were disappointed in Hassan’s veto. House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan said,

Our citizens should have a reasonable expectation that their vote will not be cancelled out by temporary visitors," he said. "Under our existing laws our doors are still technically open for people with little intent on staying here to participate in (the presidential) primary. That seems unfair to most people, and it’s unfair to the process we hold so dear.

The state legislature will vote on vetoed bills in September and hopefully Democrats will follow Secretary State Gardners lead to prevent vote fraud and "drive by voting" instead of the Governor's efforts to allow vote fraud and out of state political consultants voting.