NY Lt. Gov. Arrested for Campaign Finance-Related Offenses

On Tuesday, New York's Democrat Lieutenant Governor, Brian Benjamin, was arrested on campaign finance-related charges. Fox News reported:

Benjamin is facing charges of bribery, conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, and falsification of records. The various offenses carry maximum penalties ranging between five and 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors are also seeking forfeiture of the funds involved or, alternatively, "any other property of the defendant up to the value of the forfeitable property." 

The AP explained that the allegations involve a years-long cover-up. Benjamin is not the first to be indicted relating to the scheme:

Two months after Benjamin became lieutenant governor, a real estate developer who steered campaign contributions toward Benjamin’s failed bid for New York City comptroller was indicted. Federal authorities accused Gerald Migdol of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft in illegally giving donations to Benjamin’s campaign.

The indictment said Benjamin, formerly a state senator from Harlem, and others acting at his direction or on his behalf engaged in a series of lies and deceptions to cover up the scheme that stretched from 2019 to 2021.

They falsified campaign donor forms, misled municipal regulators and provided false information in vetting forms Benjamin submitted while he was being considered to be appointed as lieutenant governor, the indictment said.

As Republican leaders point out, Benjamin's arrest is yet another example of the corruption of New York Democrats:

“Unfortunately, it looks like business as usual in our state Capitol. Kathy Hochul and Senate Democrats might tolerate this corruption, but New Yorkers don’t and neither do I,” he added. “I’m calling on Governor Hochul and Senate Democrats to stop hiding from the truth and join me in demanding Brian Benjamin’s resignation.”

“The news regarding the arrest of Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin is very disappointing for the people of New York state,” said Assembly Minority Will Barclay (R- Oswego). “Albany has a persistent and pervasive corruption problem and today’s federal indictment is a disturbing indication that [the] problem is still a major obstacle hampering the People’s Business. He must resign immediately.”
 He added, “While the legal process plays out, we must endeavor to move past this distraction and get back to doing the important work of our state government.”  

New York GOP Chair Nick Langworthy labeled Benjamin a “dirty politician.” 

“In her first major decision as governor, Kathy Hochul chose a dirty politician to serve as her partner in government and running mate,” he said. “Brian Benjamin’s shady dealings and corruption were well-documented, but Hochul turned a blind eye and put him a heartbeat away from the governorship. This decision was not just dangerous incompetence, it is proof that her tolerance for corruption runs deep in her veins, which is no surprise given she dutifully served with Andrew Cuomo for seven years.” 

Based on the continual corruption of Democrat state leaders, it's no wonder New York residents are fleeing the state in droves.