Obomanation: President Obama's Hypocrisy on Voter Registration List Maintenance

President Obama has taken hypocrisy to a new level this week, calling Republicans “un-American” at a recent lavish fundraiser in Dallas.  Why because Republicans want elections to be open, fair and honest. Republicans want elections to be run in a non-partisan fashion where the voters decide not political hacks. 

So this week in addition to his McCartylike statements, President Obama’s far left liberal hack appointee Myrna Perez was approved by voice vote in the Senate Rules committee to be a commissioner on the Election Assistance Commission(EAC).  This will make ensure that the EAC, which was set up to be bipartisan, only has Democrat appointees.  As ranking Republican Member Senator Pat Roberts stated:


Mr. Chairman – as you know I have called for the elimination of this agency as I believe it has outlived its usefulness.  I have also said, however, that if it is going to exist it should be bi-partisan as the statute that created it intended. 

I cannot, however, support moving these nominations without Republican counterparts and accordingly will vote no.


RNLA’s Executive Director goes into more details on the problems with Perez and Obama’s attacks on such things as voter list maintenance in an Op-Ed at the Daily Caller.  A brief highlight of his hypocrisy is below: 


We fear that President Obama’s appointments such as Ms. Perez and his statements show that is not interested in offering more than lip-service toward fixing the election process for voters. Rather, President Obama seems interested in fear mongering about voter suppression to scare his base. That is why he gave his remarks about “preventing people from voting” to his snobbish fundraiser in Texas. For him elections are about winning and politics, not about fairness or voters.


For more, please read the whole article here.