Obomination: The Latest Liberal Effort in their War Against Accurate Voter Rolls

We pointed out previously the hypocrisy of the Democrats efforts opposing list maintenance or efforts to keep accurate voter rolls despite the recent Presidential Commission’s Report on Election Administration supporting such efforts. The latest example of this hypocrisy is the nomination by President Obama of Myrna Perez to be a commissioner for the Elections Assistance Commission(EAC)  Her views are so extreme, the RNLA has decided to take the unusual position of formally opposing her nomination

It is hard to imagine a person less suited for a commission whose job is to be “independent, bipartisan commission charged with developing guidance to meet HAVA requirements” than Ms. Perez.  Some of the Help America Vote Act ,or HAVA’s, requirements were for states to update their voting rolls.  An effort which Ms. Perez has long opposed calling such efforts “list purging” with made up statistics and overheated rhetoric.  An example of the latter is Ms. Perez once said: “purging happens all across the country, probably every day.”


To election officials of both parties that statement is ridiculous but it is the kind of extremist rhetoric that Ms. Perez has been spouting for years against Republicans and Democrats who try to enforce laws on voting that the far left opposes.  In Ms. Perez’s world such Republicans and Democrats are racists or fear mongers. 


As our opposition letter details, Ms. Perez has regularly been guilty of gross exaggeration.  This type of rhetoric for an agency that is to work on a bipartisan basis is completely inappropriate.



President Obama’s nomination of Ms. Perez to be an EAC Commissioner should be rejected by Senators of both parties who value open fair and honest elections.