Part 1: Top Blog Posts of 2017 - Gorsuch and Fake Election Law News

Today and next Friday, the RNLA will highlight the top blog posts of the Republican Lawyer Blog for 2017.  This is part 1: Top RepLawyer Posts for 2017, numbers 10-6.  Today’s post will focus on Justice Neil Gorsuch and election law.  No reasonable lawyers’ group can look back on 2017 and not celebrate the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch.  On elections, it is unfortunate that Democrats continue to use the race card and fight against those trying to make elections more open, fair, and honest for all.  

10.  April 10: "Congratulations to Justice Gorsuch Excerpt:  
RNLA Co-Chair John Ryder agreed: “Judge Gorsuch is a worthy successor to Justice Scalia. I am delighted that President Trump has delivered on his promise to the American people to nominate someone who fits the mold of Justice Scalia. I am equally pleased that the Senate saw fit to honor the will of the people by confirming Judge Gorsuch." 

9.  January 13: "EAC Commissioner Questions Extension of DHS' Power to Elections"  Excerpt:  
Election Assistance Commissioner Christy McCormick stated: “This action politicizes elections. There is a reason that the Founding Fathers gave the authority of conducting elections to the States. There is a reason that when Congress set up the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), they made it a bipartisan, independent agency and gave it no regulatory authority.”  

8.  March 27: "ICYMI, Study Showing Voter ID Suppressed Minority Turnout Was ‘Fake News’"  Excerpt:
“Many federal courts have been asked to do the same: Find a causal link between voter ID and intentional decreases in minority turnout,” [Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation] said. “All eventually failed. Despite this, too many in the media are willing to report an initial study as gospel before peer reviewers can weigh in. It should have struck many news editors weeks ago that it took until 2017 to provide proof to a belief that could have been confirmed a decade ago, if true.”

7.  January 5: "Sessions' ‘Racist’ Vote Fraud Prosecution Was to Protect Black Voters' Voting Rights Excerpt:
“As Craig Donsanto says, this was a prosecution intended to preserve and protect the right to vote, something to which he dedicated his entire professional career. Anyone who claims this was a racist prosecution by Jeff Sessions is, according to Donsanto, “a liar and a political opportunist of the worst kind.” 

6.  April 18: "Justice Gorsuch Asks at First Oral Argument, Why Not Follow ‘Plain Text of the Statute'?"   Excerpt:  
Gorsuch focused his first line of questioning on the wording of the statute, asking the employee’s attorney, Christopher Landau, several questions about where in the law it says district courts have jurisdiction to hear civil service claims.   “Wouldn't it be a lot easier if we just followed the plain text of the statute?” asked Gorsuch.

Look for part 2 next Friday.  Happy Holidays!