Partisanship and Hypocrisy on Free Speech by FEC Democrats Should Concern Citizens

RNLA Vice President for Communications Ron Hicks wrote about the dangers of partisanship and hypocrisy regarding free speech from the Democrats at the FEC:

In the name of democracy and equal speech, campaign finance “reformers” demand broad power for the FEC to regulate the political speech of average citizens, organizations, and corporations, requiring disclosure, repeated filings, and compliance with complicated regulations (that not even the FEC understands), while asserting freedom and anonymity rights for their own political speech. This hypocrisy has been demonstrated numerous times in recent months. . . .  

Part of this desire to investigate and regulate political speech on the Internet is to defeat anonymity through requiring registration and disclosure with the FEC. This would be especially hypocritical if Center for Public Integrity’s supposition is true and former Commissioner Ravel is involved with the altFEC account. . . . 

Strong partisanship on the part of FEC Democrats shakes the public’s confidence that the FEC will apply the law equally without regard to partisan or policy goals. And when the “reform” community within and without the FEC applies different standards for speech and anonymity to themselves and others, it not only further de-legitimizes the agency but also reveals the “reform” movement’s goal: to silence speakers that disagree with them through actual or threatened government regulation.

In the end, the question is whether Americans should be concerned about the strong partisanship of this FEC’s Democrats. In my opinion, the answer should be “yes,” because the reformers’ right to speak in the name of democracy should not be greater than the right of those in the democracy who disagree with them.  

Last week, we covered this partisanship and hypocrisy in detail, as Ron does in his op-ed:

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We hope that the Democrat FEC commissioners, including whomever is selected to replace former Commissioner Ann Ravel, will reduce their strident partisanship and apply consistent standards to restore public confidence in the FEC's ability to interpret and apply the law fairly.