Politicizing Justice – A Disturbing New Trend

Justice. It’s a word that is frequently thrown around but many seem to forget the meaning behind the word.




just behavior or treatment.

"a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people"


A rather concerning trend has been creeping into the United States judicial system. Politicizing justice. More and more the left is using the judicial system as a means to attack those with thoughts and ideas different than their own and against those seeking actual justice for those who cannot protect themselves. One of the more recent issues involved David Daleiden, an undercover investigator who proved that Planned Parenthood participated in the business of selling the body parts of aborted babies. This is disgusting enough on its own but the charges that were levied against the reporter who uncovered the truth are outright absurd and were clearly politically motivated.

Last month, LifeNews chronicled the explosive new evidence showing the Houston district attorney behind the bogus charges against pro-life advocate David Daleiden colluded with attorneys for Planned Parenthood.


According to attorney for Daleiden, District Attorney Devon Anderson shared confidential information with the abortion business, which she was supposed to be investigating for running afoul of state laws prohibiting the purchase or sale of body parts form aborted babies.


Yet, in recent court filings by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s attorney Josh Schaffer admitted in a sworn declaration that the Harris County DA’s office shared evidence with Planned Parenthood. That occurred even after the Texas Attorney General’s office had forbidden Anderson’s office from doing so.


This is one of the many politically motivated attacks discussed at length in the article but it certainly forces you to step back and question the motivations of the prosecutors and their varying interpretations of the word justice as it relates to their political posture. The two things do not mix. Yet, we have even addressed similar issues in our election processes on quite a few occasions. Justice and politics are not the same thing. Somehow, despite our professional obligations that are diametrically opposed to the type of thinking and action outlined above, people have forgotten that justice itself has no political affiliation.