Politico Exposes Democrats’ Hypocrisy

Politico published an article today attempting to expose Republicans Party officials for their efforts to train and recruit volunteers for the upcoming 2022 election cycle.  However, far from the smoking gun that Politico was hoping its article would be, it highlights the blatant hypocrisy of those on the Left who have been doing this exact thing for decades.

Now that Republicans are stepping up to ensure elections are free, fair, and transparent, Democrats have no better response than to demonize Republicans for leveling the playing field.  Unfortunately for Democrats, their legacy of running shady elections has come to an end.

Anyone with a brain knows that recruiting volunteers to serve during early voting, on Election Day, and during canvassing is essential for free, fair, and transparent elections.  These volunteers serve as poll workers and poll observers to ensure nothing nefarious happens and that integrity and transparency are maintained throughout the election cycle.

So, what is all the fuss about?  Well, Democrats want their volunteers to run elections but not Republican volunteers.  Democratic National Committee spokesperson Ammar Moussa even admitted that the DNC “trains poll watchers to help every eligible voter cast a ballot.”  Democrats’ opposition to when Republicans do the exact same thing shows that the Democrats are scared of transparency.  Is it because Democrats are afraid they won’t be able to take advantage of the process anymore by packing polling locations with Democrat sympathizers who may attempt to tilt the playing field in favor of their candidates or issues? 

For decades, Democrats have instilled sympathetic poll workers and volunteers in polling locations in every swing state, so much so that the lack of bipartisanship is evident. Democratic election workers severely outnumber Republican election workers in practically every large urban area.  For example, just 170 of more than 5,400 Detroit election officials were Republicans in 2020.  Voters cannot have faith in elections when 97% of poll workers belong to one party. 

“Democrats have had a monopoly on poll watching for 40 years, and it speaks volumes that they’re terrified of an even playing field,” said RNC spokesperson Gates McGavick. “The RNC is focused on training volunteers to take part in the election process because polling shows that American voters want bipartisan poll-watching to ensure transparency and security at the ballot box.”

That is what volunteers of both parties means: transparency, confidence in the results, and security at the ballot box. It’s clear that Democrats will do all they can to prevent this.