Politics is Triumphing Over "Common" Vote Fraud Problem

The Miami-Dade Police Benevolence Association is sick of vote fraud in Florida and is going to do something about it, offer a reward

“We decided to do this because absentee ballot fraud has been in this community for years and nothing has happened,” said Blanca Torrents Greenwood, executive director of the group. “We thought, let’s do this to see if we get results.”


The problem is so bad that it is considered “common” in Miami, and the article lists a number of incidents including a key staffer to a US Congressman.  The best quote in the article addresses something that the “vote-fraud deniers” have used for years to deny vote fraud.  To them, vote fraud only exists when there is a felony conviction. Yet the common fraud problem in Miami rarely results in that kind of conviction.


Absentee ballot fraud is a felony in Florida, but in Miami offenders often end up with only probation or little jail time, although violations have proven common in recent years.


Thus, the left denies there is even a problem in Florida.  What’s worse is, nationally liberals even attack those as racist who try to fix the problem, or ask the police to be prosecuted for vote fraud for even investigating. 


The left’s circular logic, while dishonest is working.


“I don’t know if there is problem related with the state attorney’s office, laws (in place), or if it is about evidence, but I know politics has a lot to do with this,” she [Greenwood] said.


Thanks to the Police Benevolence Association for trying to fight vote fraud.