Poll Finds that Voters Prefer Voting In-Person

A recent poll by the Bipartisan Policy Center and Morning Consult found that Americans were overwhelmingly satisfied with their voting options in 2020 and that voters prefer to vote in person on Election Day more than any other voting option. This directly refutes the narrative that the Democrats have been pushing in their attempts to implement radical changes to our election system through the Corrupt Politicians Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

The main findings of the April 2021 poll were as follows:

Eight in 10 voters (80%) report they were satisfied with their voting options in 2020 and more than half (55%) report they were very satisfied.

When asked to rank most preferred method of voting, a plurality of voters prefer voting in-person on Election Day (39%), followed closely by early voting in-person (37%) as a second choice.

Voting preferences vary between party lines, race, and region. Republican voters prefer voting in-person on Election Day (51%) more than other methods of voting, while Democrats are divided between mail in absentee vote (31%) and in-person voting on Election Day (31%). Preferences also varied by race and region.

S.1, the Senate version of the Corrupt Politicians Act, is expected to be voted on by the full Senate the last week of June. The bill's proposals are so radical that Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has announced that he will join Republicans in opposing the bill, essentially making the legislation impossible to pass.

Chuck Schumer said Tuesday the Senate will vote on Democrats' sweeping elections bill later this month, with or without Joe Manchin.

The commitment from the Senate majority leader to hold a roll call vote in late June all but ensures that the GOP will block it using the filibuster. . .

Manchin (D-W.Va.) has long resisted Democrats' signature bill, which would reform campaign finance laws, standardize federal elections and also make major changes to government ethics policies. But he steadfastly committed to opposing the bill on Sunday, all but ensuring it has bipartisan opposition.

Democrat politicians should listen to the people and join Joe Manchin in opposing the Corrupt Politicians Act. Americans are more than satisfied with their current voting options. The Corrupt Politicians Act would change that by mandating one-size-fits-all election policies that make it harder for Americans to vote the way they prefer, in person.