President Trump is Delivering on Promise to Appoint Conservative Judges

One thing even the left can agree on - President Trump is delivering on his promise to appoint conservative judges to the federal bench. Even liberal news outlet Buzzfeed News agrees:

But amid the chaos, the Trump administration is steadily making progress on a campaign promise that will outlast this administration for decades: the confirmation of federal judges to lifetime positions on the bench. Trump wooed wary Republicans last year with pledges to appoint conservative judges. His administration so far has delivered.

Despite President Trump's successes, the Senate Judiciary Committee is continuing to have a difficult time pushing through the appointments because of the "blue slip" process. Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has continued to make sure that pushing through judges are a top priority for the committee, but there are still five federal appeals court nominees:Grassley is waiting for blue slips from one or both home state senators on four federal appeals court nominees, according to a source familiar with the process:

Colorado Supreme Court Justice Allison Eid, nominated to the Tenth Circuit; Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen, nominated to the Sixth Circuit; Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras, nominated to the Eighth Circuit; law professor Stephanos Bibas, nominated to the Third Circuit.

The RNLA is committed to getting the message out on the local level to help push through to confirmation for these fantastic nominees. If you are interested in getting involved in the RNLA's efforts at the local level,please click here.

Update, 3:50 PM on August 4, 2017: After this post was published, Michigan's two Democratic Senators returned their blue slips for Justice Larsen, allowing her nomination to go forward.