Problem of Vote Fraud Should Be Investigated

Today, RNLA released a statement joining President Trump in his calls for an investigation into the problem of vote fraud:

Recently, President Trump and his spokespeople have been criticized for his statements on vote fraud in the 2016 election. The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has long been the leader in fighting for open, fair, and honest elections. While vote fraud may be difficult to quantify for a number of reasons, including the failure by appropriate authorities to prosecute such crimes and the inability of states to prevent voters from registering in more than one state, voter fraud does exist and those who dismiss its existence deny reality.

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen said: “Democrats continue to deny the existence of vote fraud against all proof to the contrary. There are many reasons why vote fraud is both hard to catch and hard to prosecute, but to deny that it exists, denies reality.”

Those who deny the existence of vote fraud should join us in welcoming an investigation into vote fraud. If the problem is really as rare as they say, such an investigation will prove their point. However, if problems are uncovered, such an investigation should work to provide solutions and remedies so that all Americans can feel more confident in our electoral system. Unfortunately, polls, including a recent Gallup poll that showed a record low 30% of Americans expressed confidence in the “honesty of elections,” show that Americans have low faith in our electoral process.

RNLA is pleased that President Trump is taking the problem of vote fraud seriously. It is not an easy problem to quantify or solve, but the first step to making our elections more open, fair, and honest is to acknowledge that the problem exists. We agree with President Trump that a further investigation into the matter is in the best interest of all Americans. 

Thank you, President Trump, for calling attention to the problem of vote fraud and making it a priority for your administration.