Questions in the Aftermath of Democrats' Kavanaugh Smear

Almost four weeks after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in, the mainstream media and Democrats have gone strangely silent on the accusations with which they were so eager to smear then-Judge Kavanaugh while his confirmation was pending:

What happened to the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation battle? The claims ranged from Christine Blasey Ford’s remotely plausible if unsubstantiated allegation of a violent attempted rape to Michael Avenatti’s completely outlandish and also unsubstantiated allegation of hosting serial gang rape parties.

From September 12 to October 6, the claims absolutely dominated all major media. . . . The claims were taken so seriously by the media and some U.S. senators it led to serious delays of the confirmation voting process. . . . Then they disappeared. Overnight. . .  .

If the media and other Democratic leaders wanted to have any credibility at all that the post-hearing release of multiple allegations wasn’t a pure political stunt for which they were willing to destroy a man, they’d continue to fight for justice every day, wouldn’t they? . . . Why have the media given up on investigating this story that they obsessed over for a few weeks in September and October? . . . Democrats took the claims so seriously that they charged Kavanaugh with the crimes in Senate hearings. Did they mean what they said? . . .

Conversely, if Kavanaugh was falsely accused, had his reputation obliterated, and nearly had his life destroyed in the process, his accusers should be held accountable. If the Justice Department responds to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s criminal referral of Avenatti and Swetnick, some will be. But what about the rest? What’s going on with this story?

Of course, the answer to all these questions is that it was a purely political stunt, a last-ditch effort by the Democrats to fulfill Sen. Chuck Schumer's promise of opposing the Kavanaugh nomination by any and all means, no matter who was hurt in the process.  Regardless of whether the Democrats believed Dr. Ford, as they claimed to, they were more than willing to use her in their political game.  And now that the midterms are approaching, they are hoping that voters forget their smear of a good man.

Justice Kavanaugh was just the primary victim of the Democrats' smear tactics.  Liberals threatened and attempted to intimidate Republican senators also, especially Maine Senator Susan Collins (whose speech on the Senate floor announcing her support for Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation will likely be remembered as one of the great Senate speeches in history).  Fortunately, the media's and the Democrats' quick abandonment of the Kavanaugh smear has meant that her life can return to normal:

After weeks of threats against the Maine Republican and her family, Collins is finally feeling a sense of security and relief after casting one of the deciding votes to confirm the justice and facing outside pressure to vote the other way. Collins was protected for weeks during the confirmation process by Capitol Police and by local law enforcement back in Maine, but now all of that is gone as she regains a sense of normalcy. . . .

For weeks, Collins says she was uneasy about the threats and attention she had garnered, particularly after one instance — a story she did not reveal until Wednesday's interview — where a man waited for her late one night outside her Washington townhouse in early October, less than a week before the Kavanaugh vote. . . .

"It's been very interesting," Collins said. "Despite the fact that I've had seven weeks of protests at my personal home on Sundays, when I'm out and about and talking to people the reaction has been, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive."

The good news is that Justice Kavanaugh is now on the Court and Republican senators no longer need 24-hour police protection.  The bad news is that the damage that the Democrats, enthusiastically aided by the mainstream media, did to the Senate, respect for the judiciary, the judicial confirmation process, and Justice Kavanaugh's reputation can never be undone.  But by their actions, Senate Democrats and their mainstream media allies showed Americans how truly desperate they are for power and just how low they will stoop in their attempts to gain it.