Rand Paul Champions the Integrity of Our Elections

RNLA is looking forward to hosting Senator Rand Paul this Friday for a special briefing about election integrity. Senator Paul is a champion for free, fair, and honest elections at the state and federal levels. 

On Monday, Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams highlighted Senator Paul's support for election reforms being undertaken by the Kentucky Legislature.

Furthermore, Senator Paul has come out strongly against the infamous "For the People Act," the Democrats' radical proposal for upending the U.S. elections system:

“I think we need to have in-person voting, and it needs to remain in control of the states. . ."

Paul said he believes "secretaries of state and the government shouldn’t be out paying and using taxpayer money to go to your house with ballots and applications to vote.”

“I think that this idea of harvesting votes – that’s what Nancy Pelosi wants to do – is wrong,” he said. “And we need to make sure we stop that.”

Many of the proposed changes to elections were put in place temporarily during the last election as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Senator Paul has consistently directed attention to the Democrats' attempts to use the pandemic to push their agenda in other areas as well:

Senator Paul has also been recognized for his willingness to ask critically important questions to President Biden's nominees for key roles in the new administration:

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