Rasmussen: "Election Reform is a Winning Issue for Republicans"

Despite popular support for commonsense voter integrity measures, the Left has doubled down on their plan for a federal takeover of elections.

As Scott Rasmussen explains, this is a huge mistake — and a win for Republicans. Voters across the country want laws that will increase confidence in our elections, but Democrats repeatedly vote against these measures.

[T]he fact remains that only about one out of four voters believes that the proper winner was declared president in both 2016 and 2020. That reality — the lack of confidence in elections — represents a serious threat to democracy.

Overall, just 58 percent of voters today are confident that American elections are conducted in a manner that ensures that all votes are counted and the proper winners are declared. Just 31 percent are very confident.

Photo-ID requirements, an Election Day deadline for ballots, and cleaning the voter rolls before each election will go a long way toward restoring confidence in the electoral process. Heading into the midterms, Republicans can claim these reforms as their own, since Democrats are on record voting against all of them.

Some Democrat lawmakers see the writing on the wall and would rather quit than try to get elected on the radical agenda being pushed by their party.

Americans want it to be easier to vote and harder to cheat. Republicans are listening.