Reasonable Democrats are Tiring of Left-Wing Democrat Voter Fraud Antics

Recently, Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Administration came out in favor of programs such as the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC to help fight vote fraud and improve registration.  While the commission was co-chaired by Obama’s own lawyer, Bob Bauer, many Democrats and liberals in the election field have fought implementation of ERIC despite its wide bipartisan support.

Examples of this are one of the Democrats nominee for the Election Assistance Commission, Myrna Perez, and another is the current California Secretary of State Debra Bowen.  Bowen’s views are so extreme that even the left-leaning Pew Charitable Trusts is attacking her:


[ERIC’s] goal is to identify voters who have moved between states, and ensure they are re-registered quickly.  Pew, Becker said later, has invited Bowen's office to six Pew-sponsored meetings since January 2011 to discuss ways to improve elections, including ERIC. Pew received no response to most of the invitations, including for a meeting later this month in San Francisco, he said.


"Not having California being part of a really important data exchange...hurts the other states and I think it hurts California, too," Judd Choate, Colorado's director of elections and ERIC's chairman, testified.


The leading California Democrat to replace Bowen who is term-limited, has also refused to support ERIC.  In the very blue state of California, most voters have had enough of these efforts to promote vote fraud and hurt ALL legal voters.  It is part of the reason that Republican Nominee for Secretary of State Pete Peterson is leading in the polls


The views of far left Democrats in the election field and their allies such as the Brennan Center are too extreme for even Democrat voters and President Obama’s own lawyer.  Hopefully, victories by Republicans in states like California will serve to wake up national mainstream Democrats to stop nominating and funding pro-vote fraud candidates and groups.