Recent Voter ID Legislation News

Here's what has been happening with voter ID legislation in the states, as more states recognize the importance of this important protection of election integrity or seek to improve their existing laws to ensure that every eligible voter is able to vote while protecting the votes of all eligible voters.

Iowa: Contentious voter ID bill gets final OK; heads to Branstad 

The Iowa Senate gave final approval Thursday to contentious legislation that will require voters to show government-issued identification at the polls . . . . 

House File 516 passed on a 28-21 vote with Republicans casting all the yes votes. Democrats and one independent all voted no. The bill now heads to Gov. Terry Branstad, who is expected to sign it.

Nebraska: Resolution to require voter ID at Nebraska's polls advances but is expected to stir debate among lawmakers

The Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 6-2 to advance to the floor Legislative Resolution 1CA, which asks Nebraskans whether they want to put a photo ID requirement in the state constitution. 

If adopted by the full Legislature, ballot language on the constitutional amendment would appear before voters in November 2018. If voters approve the amendment it will be left to state lawmakers to pass legislation spelling out what constitutes an acceptable ID and whether the state will pay for IDs for those who cannot afford them.

North Dakota: North Dakota attempting to fix voter ID rules after lawsuit

After altering voter identification laws in previous legislative sessions, North Dakota's Republican-led Legislature now is attempting to fix them after a group of American Indians sued in federal court, alleging the state requirements are unconstitutional and disenfranchised tribal members. 

The House passed a bill Monday that allows those who don't have proper ID to cast a ballot that's set aside until the voter's eligibility is confirmed. The Senate still must agree to the measure before it goes to GOP Gov. Doug Burgum for his signature.

Texas: House committee approves bill to make changes to voter ID law

The House Elections Committee on Monday approved a bill that would make court-ordered changes to the state’s controversial voter identification law, moving the proposal to the House floor under the looming specter of federal action. 

Senate Bill 5, written by Rep. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, would give more leeway to people who show up to the polls without one of seven state-approved photo IDs. They would be allowed to use other documents that carry their name and address as proof of identity, such as a utility bill, if they sign a "declaration of impediment" stating why they don't have an approved ID.

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