Reflections on Justice Scalia on the Two-Year Anniversary of His Death

Today marks two years since Justice Antonin Scalia unexpectedly passed from this Earth.  His impact on the legal world was immense, as he was instrumental in returning to a focus on a law's text. 

Much could be and has been said about his jurisprudence, his writing style, his strong but friendly personality, the effort led by Senate leadership to allow the people to speak on his successor by keeping his seat open through the election, and how well Justice Gorsuch is living up to President Trump's promise to appoint a successor in the mold of Justice Scalia.  But today, we pause to remember the great man with a few reflections from those who knew him.

In The National Law Journal:

Kannon Shanmugam, former Scalia clerk and head of Williams & Connolly’s Supreme Court and appellate litigation practice: “Even two years on from his death, Justice Scalia remains a powerful influence on the court. His legacy lives on in the court’s approach to constitutional and statutory interpretation. While there are differences in approach among the court’s members, the court largely plays on the playing field that Justice Scalia established.”

Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network: “There are so many ways in which Justice Scalia’s legacy lives on. He was a leading voice for taking the Constitution seriously that has already inspired generations of lawyers. And his compelling arguments and trenchant prose will continue to shape our approach to the law for generations to come. Justice Gorsuch himself is not only Scalia’s successor but also someone whose approach to the law was formed in a legal environment made possible by Scalia’s leadership on the court. Justice Scalia is sorely missed, but his influence is still very much alive.”  

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Ed Whelan co-edited Scalia Speaks with Justice Scalia's son, Christopher.  It is a fascinating collection of the Justice's speeches, which he delivered to a wide range of audiences on a wide range of topics, and which give insight into the intellectual and philosophical force that was Justice Scalia.  The RNLA has autographed copies of Scalia Speaks available for members to purchase on the Members Only section of the website, and members can listen to a members-only conference call with Ed Whelan as well.

Rest in peace, Justice Scalia.