Republican States are Leading the Way with Election Reforms

Polling done by the Honest Elections Project shows that Americans overwhelmingly support commonsense election integrity reforms. As research done by the Lawyers Democracy Fund shows, Republican states are leading the way in enacting these important reforms.


In 2021, Florida passed S.B. 90. Notably, the law strengthened safeguards for absentee ballot drop boxes, banned acceptance of private funds for election administration (a.k.a. "Zuckerbucks"), strengthened the security of absentee ballot applications, and more.


Georgia passed S.B. 202 in 2021:

attempting to address the lack of elector confidence in the election system on all sides of the political spectrum, reduce the burden on election officials, and streamline the process of conducting elections in Georgia by promoting uniformity in voting.

Most notably, the legislation includes reforms to the absentee ballot application distribution and collection process as well as the laws governing the collection of ballots themselves. 

Despite Democrat allegations that S.B. 202 would "suppress" voters, including Stacy Abrams and the Vice President herself, S.B. 202 led to record-breaking voter turnout in Georgia's primary on Tuesday. 


Iowa passed two major elections bills in 2021: Senate File 413 and Senate File 568. Among other reforms, the legislation improves the accuracy of the state's voter lists, strengthens state law regarding absentee ballots, protects the rights of poll observers, and requires voters to show proof of identity to register to vote or have their provisional ballot counted.


By enacting H.B. 176, Montana recently became the first state to repeal Election Day voter registration after implementing it. Giving voters the ability to register to vote on Election Day undermines the integrity of elections and places a large burden on election officials.

Despite these laws falling well within the mainstream, they have all been challenged by the Left, which seeks to undermine election integrity and stifle these commonsense and widely approved election safeguards.

Republican states should be applauded for their efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.