Revisiting Drive-by Voter Fraud in New Hampshire

After the close of the first primary in the nation, allegations of vote fraud started to surface.  Campaign staffers and other out-of-state, "drive-by" voters voted in the New Hampshire presidential primary. 

If you are not a citizen in a state, you do not have the right to vote there. If you think that vote fraud is overblown, take a few minutes and check out the following video filmed during the New Hampshire primary. The left keeps asserting that vote fraud is not an issue and that voter ID laws are too strict. Based on the video, perhaps this is why.

The New Hampshire Attorney General's office has opened an investigation into allegations that Bernie Sanders' campaign staffers who were in the state on Election Day wrongfully voted in the New Hampshire primary.

RNLA officers called attention to the potential for fraud by out-of-state voters prior to the election. Vice President for Finance Joanne Young wrote:

On a bipartisan basis, led by Democrat Secretary State Gardner and Republican legislators, Granite Staters have tried to make sure it is the people of New Hampshire, not out of state campaign workers, that determine election results. . . . The effect of this sort of vote fraud can be profound. . . . Close state house races are often decided by a very small margin, even tying. . . . A few votes from out-of-state people can literally change the winner of a race. 

New Hampshire RNLA Chapter Leader Norman Silber discussed the impact out of state voters have in New Hampshire:

There are numerous reports of people voting who were in New Hampshire on Election Day but did not live in New Hampshire. Most are not investigated, let alone prosecuted. For example: In 2008, Secretary Gardner witnessed AmeriCorps volunteers who planned to leave on December 1 register at the polls and vote. In 2012, Alana Biden, Joe Biden’s niece, signed an affidavit to vote, claiming the address of Democratic State Senator Martha Fuller Clark as her home. Several other Obama-Biden campaign workers did the same, despite only being in New Hampshire to work for the election. In 2008 and 2012, Lorin C. Schneider, Jr., of Carver, Massachusetts, voted in Manchester’s Ward 9 despite being a long-time resident of Massachusetts. The New Hampshire Attorney General charged Schneider and he pled guilty to wrongful voting.

Drive-by voting is one form of fraud that distorts election results. It is an issue that clearly persists despite laws enacted to combat it. Requiring voter ID is a great first step, but it is not enough to combat the kind of vote fraud committed by Sanders' campaign staffers in New Hampshire.