RNLA Announces Voter ID Initiative

Public polls show overwhelming support for Voter ID.  Yet, ID --only in the context of voting -- is often mischaracterized by the left as somehow insidious.  RNLA is beginning a new program to fight the misinformation on Voter ID and to help aid efforts to enact Voter ID in states across the country.  


RNLA Chair Randy Evans and RNLA President Larry Levy have appointed Manuel Iglesias and Anne Lewis as co-chairs of the RNLA Voter ID Committee. They will chair this effort designed to be a resource for all on Voter ID. RNLA has long been a leader in Voter ID having in the past created model legislation and having a similar task force in 2011.  

RNLA President Larry Levy stated:  “RNLA is committed to open, fair and honest elections.  Voter ID is an important tool for that goal, which contrary to much of the media hype can, and actually has, increased minority voter participation in at least one state. Properly legislated, and hopefully with bipartisan support, this project can enhance voter participation and improve the voter experience, while promoting election integrity.” 


RNLA Chair Randy Evans added:  “We are very pleased to have two such distinguished leaders to serve as our chair. Manny has made honest elections his passion and has been working on this issue since 1972. Anne led the legal effort in my home state of Georgia against all legal challenges for a law that has worked virtually without a hitch since it passed.”  

Manuel Iglesias has been heavily involved in elections since 1972. During this period he has participated in multiple initiatives and campaigns including the Presidential Transition Team in 1980 and 1988, the 2002 Bush-Brogan Gubernatorial Campaign and was Chairman for Lawyers for Bush-Cheney Coalition for Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties during the 2004 George W. Bush Campaign.  He was the National Coordinator for the Hispanic American Young Republicans. National chair of the Republican National Heritage Youth as well.  He is the President and CEO of Hygea, a diversified healthcare holding company.  


Anne Lewis served as a Special Assistant Attorney General on litigation related to Georgia's photo ID voter ID law.  Georgia’s ID law has resulted in increased participation among African Americans and is considered a model for the country.   Her practice also includes representing counties and municipalities in various types of litigation. In addition to litigation, Anne represents candidates and elected officials before the Georgia Campaign Finance Commission and the State Election Board and serves as counsel to public utilities appearing before the Georgia Public Service Commission. Anne is General Counsel of the Georgia Republican Party (May 2009 to present).  Law & Politics and Atlanta Magazine have selected Anne for inclusion on its lists of Georgia Super Lawyers (2004-2015).