RNLA Calls Upon Clinton Campaign to Condemn and Stop Recounts

RNLA officially called upon the Clinton campaign to condemn plans by the Green Party to hold recounts of the presidential election results in several states:

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) calls upon the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to stand down and condemn the recount effort in Wisconsin and possibly other states. We are extremely disappointed by the change of heart of Secretary Clinton in deciding to participate. This is an unprecedented effort to divide our country.  

RNLA President Larry Levy said: “The alleged concerns that the recount is to ensure every vote is properly counted is ludicrous. If that were true, why aren’t they seeking recounts in every state or at least include New Hampshire where Secretary Clinton won by a scant 2,736 votes or other states with narrow Democrat wins? This effort diverts attention from the critical work of President-elect Trump and his team to form a new Administration and to be prepared to lead America forward on day one.”  

The recount is pointless, a waste of resources, a squandering of taxpayer funds, and flies in the face of the long tradition of accepting results. Do not take our word for it. Look at the past statements of Secretary Clinton and her lawyer. Further, RNLA agrees with the Obama Administration in its opposition to the recount.  

1. Previously, Secretary Hillary Clinton called the very thought of not accepting the election results “horrifying.” . . . 2. To be clear, there is no doubt about the election results. This is why the Clinton campaign decided previously not to pursue the recount. . . . 3. The Obama Administration also agrees that there is no basis for a recount . . . .

Whatever the fundraising and publicity goals of the Green Party are, Secretary Clinton and her campaign should not approve them.  As her running mate Sen. Kaine said the day after the election, "Nobody — nobody had to wonder about Hillary Clinton, whether she would accept an outcome of an election in our beautiful democracy."