RNLA Conference Call on Scalia and Confirmation Process Tomorrow

The RNLA is hosting a members-only conference call tomorrow at 12:30 EST with Ed Whelan, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, to discuss Justice Antonin Scalia’s legacy and the importance of waiting until the next President is elected to replace him on the Supreme Court.

In addition to being a leader in the intellectual debate on the Senate confirmation process, Ed is increasingly taking on the important role of defending Justice Scalia’s character and jurisprudence against baseless, posthumous attacks by the left: here, here, and here.
As always, the RNLA thanks Republican Senators for their leadership and steadfast devotion to principle on the question of confirming a successor to Justice Scalia.  As Senator Chuck Grassley noted earlier this week:
The American people deserve the opportunity during this election year to weigh in on whether the next Justice should apply the text and original meaning of the Constitution, or, alternatively, his or her own life experiences to changing times to advance his or her own sense of what would be “just decisions and fair outcomes.” 
Senate Republicans will ensure the American people are not denied this unique and historic opportunity.