RNLA Congratulates Trey Trainor on Nomination to the FEC

Today, the RNLA officially congratulated Trey Trainor on his nomination to be a Commissioner on the Federal Election Commission (FEC):

Mr. Trainor’s credentials are impeccable.  He is a leading election lawyer and an expert on campaign finance issues.  He has spoken at many RNLA National Election Law Seminar trainings.  He is currently a partner specializing in election law, campaign finance, and ethics at Akerman LLP.  Previously, he has served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense in the Department of Defense’s Office of General Counsel; as General Counsel to the Texas Secretary of State; on the Standards Advisory Board to the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission; as Counsel to the Texas House Committee on Regulated Industries; and in various capacities in the Texas Legislature. 

Leading members of the election law and campaign finance bars who are RNLA members have praised Mr. Trainor’s nomination:

Benjamin Barr, President of the Pillar of Law Institute: "Mr. Trainor is nationally distinguished for his expertise in election law. Beyond this, Mr. Trainor has shown an unwavering dedication to preserving the First Amendment rights of average Americans--a position that has consistently been upheld by the courts. The FEC can only benefit from Mr. Trainor's knowledge and proven ability to help it carry out its mission." 

Kory Langhofer, Managing Attorney, Statecraft PLLC, and Litigation Counsel, Trump for America, Inc.: “I’ve worked with Trey, know him well, and hold him in high regard.  He is an excellent pick, and I am confident he’ll serve the country well on the FEC.” 

Joseph M. Nixon, RNLA Texas Chapter Chair and Partner, Akerman LLP: “Trey is a brilliant lawyer, extraordinarily principled and well-schooled in election law. The President has made a fine choice.”

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen agreed: “Trey Trainor has deep knowledge of campaign finance law, a breadth of practical experience, and impressive legal skills.  In addition to his skills as a lawyer, he is a man of character who is well-respected by everyone who knows him.  He will serve with distinction on the FEC with his respect for the rule of law and First Amendment rights that is desperately needed at the agency that regulates political speech.”

Unfortunately, liberals and the media are already baselessly attacking Mr. Trainor for his conservative views and his support for important First Amendment rights, just as they have attacked all recent Republican FEC commissioners--Lee Goodman, Caroline Hunter, Don McGahn, and Matthew Petersen--for their respect for the rule of law and support for the First Amendment.  

The RNLA will be countering these attacks and supporting Mr. Trainor's nomination in the next weeks and months.  Stay tuned here for further information on his character, legal philosophy, and qualifications and how you can help support his swift confirmation to the FEC.