RNLA Elects New Officers and Board of Governors Members

Today, the RNLA recognized the new officers and members of the Board of Governors elected at its recent annual board meeting:

RNLA President Elliot Berke stated: “I welcome our new and returning board members, as well as our new and returning officers to what I expect to be an historic year for the RNLA. It’s an honor to serve as your President during this important time in our history.” 

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen agreed: “I am honored to work for and with these distinguished Republican attorneys. I am especially pleased that, after having our first female chair last year in Kimberly Reed, there are now four women officers leading the RNLA. We look forward to a strong year.” 

Five new officers were elected for 2018. John Ryder of Memphis, Tennessee, was elected Chair. . . . Joanne W. Young of Washington, DC, was elected Co-Chair. . . . Harmeet K. Dhillon of San Francisco, California, was elected Vice President for Communications. . . . Thomas Wheeler of Indianapolis, Indiana was elected Vice President for Programming. . . . Audrey Perry Martin of Sacramento, California was elected Vice President for Membership. . . .   

Three new members of the Board of Governors were elected for 2018, joining the 43 incumbent members of the Board of Governors. 

Marc Ellinger of Jefferson City, Missouri, . . . Linda A. Kernsof Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, . . . [and] Chris Marston of Alexandria, Virginia . . . .

For more information about the new officers and members of the Board of Governors, please read the full press release here.  The RNLA looks forward to an excellent year under these new leaders and the existing leadership they joined.