RNLA Honors Founding Chair Bob Horn

The RNLA recently announced two initiatives to honor its Founding Chair Bob Horn: re-naming the Chairman's Award in his honor to the Robert J. Horn Chairman's Award and establishing the Bob Horn Fund for Law Students to encourage law student participation in the RNLA:

The Robert J. Horn Chairman’s Award is presented by the RNLA Chair annually at the National Election Law Seminar and recognizes individuals for extraordinary dedication to the RNLA. It is given to individuals whose contributions have significantly furthered the RNLA mission – advancing professionalism, open, fair and honest elections, career opportunity, and Republican ideals – and made a noteworthy and positive impact for the Republican Party and the United States of America. . . . 

The Bob Horn Fund for Law Students was established through a generous donation from political.law, a leading political law firm founded by longtime friend and Life Member of the RNLA, Dan Backer. It will provide financial assistance to law students who wish to attend the RNLA’s annual National Policy Conference and National Election Law Seminar and assist in the establishment of law student chapters in key states throughout the country.  

Bob Horn has had a long and distinguished legal career and service to the Republican Party, and his vision for an organization of Republican lawyers led to the establishment of the RNLA over 30 years ago.  Current and former RNLA chairs praised him:

Current RNLA Chair John Ryder said of Mr. Horn: “RNLA wouldn’t exist without Bob Horn. He provided the inspiration, guidance and leadership to get us started and keep us going. He is the very model of a gentlemen and a lawyer.” 

Immediate past RNLA Chair and first female RNLA Chair Kimberly Reed noted: “Bob Horn is to be applauded for his vision in founding the RNLA, which now is a remarkable organization of 6,000 lawyers across the United States. As Ronald Reagan said: ‘The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.’ Because of Bob’s leadership, RNLA lawyers have come together as a force to advance professionalism, open, fair, and honest elections, career opportunity, and Republican ideals.” 

Past RNLA Chair Richard Wiley agreed: “Renaming the Chairman’s Award in Bob Horn’s name is very appropriate. He really is the father of RNLA and has contributed so much of his time, energy and considerable talents over many years to our Association. He very much deserves this honor.”

Thank you to Bob Horn for his many years of service to the Republican Party and this country and his leadership of the RNLA.