RNLA Leadership Reacts to the Election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Washington, D.C. – The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) congratulates Kevin McCarthy on his election as Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives.

RNLA leadership reacted to Speaker McCarthy’s election:

RNLA President Marc Ellinger: “The RNLA offers its congratulations to Speaker McCarthy, and we look forward to working with the Speaker, leadership and our new Republican majority in the House to reign in the administrative state and unlock the tools to make America grow once again.”

RNLA Co-Chair Mark Braden: “I first met the new speaker more than twenty years ago when he was a young man working for Congressman Bill Thomas. His intelligence and political talents were always clear. His many years of experience in the House certainly make him most qualified to be Speaker of the House of Representatives at this challenging time.”

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen: “Unlike lock-step Democrats, Republicans debated before deciding on a speaker. The GOP can now push back against the disastrous agenda of the Biden Administration and conduct the crucial oversight that has been neglected for the last two years.”

RNLA looks forward to working with Speaker McCarthy and the rest of the Republican majority during the 118th Congress.

RNLA is the national organization of Republican attorneys. The mission of RNLA is to advance professionalism; open, fair, and honest elections; career opportunity; and Republican ideals. For more information, please visit: http://www.rnla.org.


The press release can be viewed in its entirety here.