RNLA's Top 10 Blog Posts for 2015

Here are the top 10 blog posts for The Rep Lawyer Blog for 2015.

10. Just in Time for Halloween: Zombies Register to Vote in Ohio “They actually had the dead people's drivers license numbers and Social Security numbers, and of course they forged the signatures of these dead people."

9. Some Poetic Justice in the Fight Against Vote Fraud “Mayor Don Cravins of Opelousas, Louisiana [was defeated after he] famously bragged that you should vote twice for Senator Landrieu and if you did you did no one was going to persecute you.”

8. Liberal Law Professor Points Out Democrats Won't Criticize Fellow Democrat Hillary  “The most important point to these Democrats is not the breaking of the law or the ethics of the action but rather the Party the alleged lawbreaker represents.”

7. In Philadelphia, they don't wait for the Election to Start Committing Vote Fraud “Philadelphia went one better/worse.  Allegedly adding votes to the machines BEFORE the election”

6. Over 20 States Have Counties with More Registered Voters than People Alive “141 counties on notice across the United States that they have more registered voters than people alive.”   

5. An Interview with Florida Representative Jose Felix Diaz RNLA first interview for its Florida Facebook Page.

4. Does the Left Only Care About the Campaign Finance Activities of Republicans? “Where are all those on the left that make their money talking about campaign finance?  One thing is for sure, they would not be silent if it was a Republican with the same arrangement as Hillary’s friends and allies.”

3. Do Democrats Defend Planned Parenthood So Vehemently Because Planned Parenthood Supports Them?“One of the reasons Planned Parenthood is so fervently defended by the Democrats is that Planned Parenthood spends millions of dollars supporting liberal and Democrat political causes.”

2. The Value of Online Registration “[O]nline registration systems are easier to use, cheaper, and yield a more accurate voter list than traditional paper-based systems.”

1. Tide turns in FEC battle for regulation-free internet "Last fall, disclosure doyenne and current FEC Chairwoman Ann Ravel made overtures toward regulating online political speech, stating, 'a reexamination of the Commission’s approach to the Internet is long overdue.' . . . In fact, internet regulation would chill the vibrant political debate continuously happening in cyberspace."